The internet is full of people searching for your exact product or service, but on the other hand, there are also a ton of companies who offer the exact same product or service you provide as well. So, how can you climb out of the darkness that is obscurity? One of the best ways to accomplish this is to utilize your website for all its worth. In fact, your website is one of your best marketing resources. The following list includes a few tips on how you can begin optimizing your website to generate more interest and, ultimately, more sales.

Show Your Results

When it comes to running a successful business, showing off is a good thing. Your website can allow you the opportunity to show off not only your product features but also its results. These results may be presented in various ways that may include video, text results, and graphs comparing your results to those of the competition. Having concrete proof that a product or service works is incredibly important for consumers, and thus, presenting results is an absolute must.


Although a text advertisement might bring in people, it might not keep them on your website. A great way to not only mix things up, but also increase engagement, is to include high-quality video content. This can be as simple as introducing yourself to your visitors or as detailed as a full-on demonstration of your product. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, consumers like video because it’s easy to digest and is usually entertaining. This is especially important because most consumers won’t purchase on their first visit, and thus you need to provide them with a reason to come back.

Blog Content

One of the best things you can add to your website is blog content. Your website should not be all about selling to your base, it should also include presenting them with free value. This can be accomplished through a blog that informs your base about important topics regarding your particular field. For instance, if you’re a dentist, then you might want to offer tips for brushing teeth properly or the best toothbrush to use. In addition, you may also use your blog to include some SEO keywords. According to Podium, including relevant keywords in your website copy can help your business rank higher on search engines such as Google.

Establish Clear Navigation

All the high-quality content and flashy visuals in the world won’t save your website if your navigation isn’t clear. Thus, one of the main areas you should always focus on is the clarity and ease of your navigation. This means placing your links in a clear and easy to get to location. Some of these links include your search bar, your contact us page as well as your FAQ page to name a few. Ease of navigation should also be taken into consideration regarding various types of devices and not only a desktop. After all, most people view a website for the first time through their mobile phone and not a desktop or laptop.

Call to Action

A common mistake made by companies is leading their consumer to their website and ending the sale process there. Just because someone landed on your website does not mean they’re going to consider or even purchase your item. Your website is the best marketing resource you have because it can be used to call your customers to action. What does call to action mean? It means that once your sales pitch has concluded and they have landed on your page, you are now responsible for calling for the sale. Within a website, this may be as simple as a large red or green button saying “Buy Here.” There are many social media pages or search engines that won’t allow this type of link to your checkout page and thus why it is one of the most important parts of your website. Note that your call to action should be visible and have the proper link to it as taking your customers through too many steps can actually cause them to leave out of frustration.

Help Build Your Brand

Sure, you can post a picture here and there on other social media platforms in order to grow your brand. However, there is nothing more important than the branding power that is provided by your website. Your website can allow you to build your brand by showing customers not only your design style but also its service. If your brick and mortar location has a certain style than that should also translate to your website and vice versa. Branding is, no doubt, a powerful tool that can only be magnified by your website marketing.

Unfortunately, there are many businesses out there who don’t take the time to optimize their website for marketing purposes. This can quickly lead to other issues arising. It is important to understand how crucial your website is to the marketing aspect of your company. Adhere to the list posted above to begin utilizing your website as the best marketing tool at your disposal.

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