Everyone says that small businesses need to be engaged in digital marketing, and the evidence is clear that this is a true statement. However, that’s not to say it will absolutely work, and unfortunately, far too many small businesses have seen their digital marketing efforts fail to give them the return on investment for which they are looking. There could be many reasons why your digital marketing efforts aren’t working.

You Haven’t Given it Enough Time

It’s important to recognize that a digital campaign won’t work overnight. No matter how well-designed or well-resourced an effort is, you have to actually give it the time to work. Furthermore, you have to determine what success will actually look like. Does it mean more clicks? More likes or followers? Increase purchases of a certain product? Once you make that determination, you will be in a better position to determine how long it will take for your effort to be successful.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

Just like you need clear marketing objectives, you need a clear and distinct audience. The good news is that your audience should flow easily from your objectives. However, it also requires that you fully understand your real-world audience and determine where they are spending their digital time. The answer will vary, depending on your product and service, but it’s critical that you spend some time doing some real-world digging in order to determine how to best reach the audience with whom you are trying to connect.

Inadequate Resources

A digital marketing campaign is a concentrated and coordinated campaign. It is not updating your Facebook status every few days. In order to actually get a digital marketing effort to work, you have to invest real dollars in staff or consultant time, technological infrastructure, planning, and paid ads. Time and money are the two most important things you can invest in some sort of digital effort, and a failure to actually invest them means that you’re diminishing your chance at success. Paid ads can be particularly important, and while they aren’t required, they can give your marketing efforts a much-needed boost.

A digital marketing campaign is a hard thing to execute. It takes time, resources and expertise in order to truly be successful. That’s why making sure you don’t make the three mistakes above are so important. They are common pitfalls but easy enough to avoid with enough forethought.

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